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Family economic security

Wow, You Did All THAT in 2015? MomsRising WINS!

Celebrate Wins!

Sometimes it’s hard to see the many ways that small actions like signing a petition, sharing your personal experience, making a call, attending a local meeting, or playing a MomsVote debate game on social media add up over time and make a big difference.

They do. Because we are MomsRising together.

Your everyday actions (over a million in 2015!) added up to inspiring victories for moms and families this year:

Working Moms Still Don’t Have Enough Support at Work. Let’s Change This.

Take Action!
There are those moments in motherhood that are permanently etched in memory.

When I was still a working reporter serving as a staff writer at a Chinese-language newspaper’s Los Angeles Bureau, I sat on the floor in the bathroom stall between assignments to pump breast milk for my then 3-month-old son while my colleagues went to bathroom, knocked on the door and occasionally told me to hurry up. After each pumping session I moved to the office kitchen to wash the pump parts, trying to ignore my colleagues stating behind me and saying “don’t wash your dirty panties here.” 
I can still vividly recall the stressful and shameful process which is necessary because my employer offered no space for mothers to use their breast pump. So it was pumping in the bathroom stall or nothing. Not ideal to say at least.

Health Insurance Is Key to Addressing Native American Health Disparities

November is Native American Heritage Month, a time for the country to remember and honor the histories, contributions, and struggles of the 566 federally recognized tribes and the 5.4 million American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) living in the United States. November is also the first month of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) 2016 marketplace coverage. While the federal government is obligated to provide health care to Native Americans through the Indian Health Service (IHS), this blog explains why getting marketplace coverage is a good idea for many AI/AN consumers.

A Special Match for #GivingTuesday


You gave thanks. You ate delicious food. You got deals. Now, it’s time to give back!

Today is Giving Tuesday, a national day of celebrating and supporting the causes that matter most to us – like making the world a better, safer, more just place for women, moms and families.

To mark this day, another generous donor has offered to give $25 for every contribution today – in any amount! Make a gift, unlock this special match for Giving Tuesday!

Our goal today is to recruit 100 new and returning MomsRising donors today for Giving Tuesday. I hope you will become one of them!

Your support today will help MomsRising dial up the fight for pay equity, push harder for gun safety, and turn up the pressure for paid family / maternity / paternity medical leave.

We Say We Care About Kids. Do We Really Mean It?

This commentary was originally published on the TalkPoverty blog (, a project of the Center for American Progress.

Americans are fond of saying our children are our nation’s most valuable resource. But if our actions are the measure, do we really mean it?

Mounting research evidence from neuroscience, public health, economics and social science supports a simple conclusion: Investing in early childhood, through affordable early childcare and enrichment opportunities, pays dividends for the individual and for society. Yet we know not all children have an opportunity to experience high-quality early childcare—and it’s because we have chosen not to support universal access. Scientific research supports the long-term value of creating the conditions children need for a strong start. We also know how to scale and support effective social and educational programs and make them accessible.

Why, then, aren’t we committed to ensuring these opportunities?

Support Moms on Small Business Saturday

Once the turkey has been carved and we are all recovering from pumpkin pie comas, hectic travel, and quality time with the family, the so-called season of giving begins. If you are anything like me though, you are trying to avoid the non-stop holiday shopping commercials on tv and instead are trying to get your gift buying done in a way that is both supportive of your local businesses and economy AND has a personal touch.

That’s why I love Small Business Saturday! Created as a response to the craziness that is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to support local, small businesses and still get our holiday shopping done (or just grab a cupcake and new pair of shoes for yourself…you’ve worked hard all year! You deserve it!).

The Motherhood Penalty

Earlier this year, the Women's Funding Alliance released an interesting little report called The Status of Women in Washington. Now before you bounce off because a) you've already used up your quota of "you go girl" fist bumps today, or b) you believe the gender gap is a bunch of hooey, hang with me for a moment. 

Did you know that ...

  • In 2013, women in Washington earned $.77 on the dollar compared to their male counterparts?
  • Women who work full-time, year-round earn less than men at every education level, even when their degree is more advanced?
  • If women received equal pay, the earnings increase added up across all women in the state would amount to almost 3% of Washington's gross domestic product in 2013?

Holy cow, right? The gender gap has been quantified and guess what? It's an $11.2 BILLION dollar gap. That's not hooey. That's crazy.

But wait. Perhaps the craziest statistic of all is this one:

Conversation Cafe with Marco Rubio

Talking with Marco Rubio in New Hampshire’s “Conversation Café”  

Hello again! It feels like I’ve hit almost every corner of New Hampshire in the last few months in my work to give voice to the Granite State’s families in the Presidential campaign and beyond. 

Last week, this work gave me a great opportunity – talking directly to Senator Marco Rubio - as part of the candidate “Conversation Cafés” organized by WMUR (our local TV station). WMUR are hosting candidate cafés with each of the candidates and a few members of the public. This was an informal gathering to get to know the candidate on a more personal level.  Click here to see a clip of the show.

Equal Pay For Latinas

Take Action!

Put something soft on your desk right now, because what I’m about to tell you will have you so mad you’re going to have a "head-desk" moment (you know, a moment when you drop your head to your desk in frustration?) and I don’t want you to get hurt.

Ready? According to the latest U.S. Census, Latinas who work full-time, year-round, earn only .55 to the dollar compared to white, non-Hispanic men. [1] To put it another way, Latinas have to work for all of 2014 and all the way until October 30th (!!!) of 2015 to earn what white men earned in 2014 alone. Over time that gap really adds up. In fact, according to the National Women’s Law Center, “Over a 40-year career, women would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars to the wage gap—Latinas would lose over $1 million—and that doesn’t even account for inflation.” [2]

Tell Speaker Ryan to support the EITC and Child Tax Credit!

Representative Paul Ryan was just sworn in as the new Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives last Thursday. We want to give him a big welcome to this new and important position and we want to do it the MomsRising way—by making sure he prioritizes working families!

Let's start by urging Speaker Ryan to use his new power to move forward tax breaks for working families, like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit, which Speaker Ryan has publicly supported in the past.

Can you take a few seconds and sign this letter to Speaker Ryan urging his continued support for the EITC and Child Tax Credit now?

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