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gun safety

VICTORY! Nation Moves Forward on Gun Safety with POTUS Executive Action

“Gun violence is a crisis in our country. That crisis has reached a fever pitch with almost as many mass shootings last year as there were days in the year.  In fact, there have been more than 100,000 deaths as a result of gun violence in the last decade. This cannot go on. Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, aunts, uncles, and grandparents should not continue to face losing loved ones to senseless acts of gun violence.

“We thank President Obama for standing up for families.  These two common sense executive orders make our communities safer from gun violence: requiring criminal background checks on more gun sales and preventing more guns from falling into the wrong hands.

Moms vs. The NRA: The Force Awakens!

When I was a child, the 13-year-old daughter of my dad’s co-worker shot herself.

When I was a college student, I worked in a neighborhood that had just experienced the death of a young girl killed by a drive-by shooting.

When I was in graduate school, I volunteered on a domestic violence hotline and spoke to many women who feared for their lives at the hands of their abusers who had guns.

Today, I campaign tirelessly with MomsRising in North Carolina to prevent gun violence, and I KNOW your gifts make a difference because we’re gaining momentum and moving gun safety policy forward every day.

Dear blog readers, rise with me for families scarred by gun violence. Support commonsense gun reform with a gift of $5 or more to MomsRising.

Wow, You Did All THAT in 2015? MomsRising WINS!

Celebrate Wins!

Sometimes it’s hard to see the many ways that small actions like signing a petition, sharing your personal experience, making a call, attending a local meeting, or playing a MomsVote debate game on social media add up over time and make a big difference.

They do. Because we are MomsRising together.

Your everyday actions (over a million in 2015!) added up to inspiring victories for moms and families this year:

#Radio This Week: #Enough


For your podcast list: Breaking Through with me, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner! It's fun, feisty, and relevant for moms and families. Our weekly podcast is ‪#‎free‬ for all on iTunes:


San Bernardino

Take Action

Heart. Broken. In the 336 days of 2015, there have already been 355 mass shootings in our nation.

This has to end. 

Our thoughts are with the San Bernardino mass shooting victims and their families, the many people and caregivers who work at the Inland Regional Center, a facility that serves people with developmental disabilities, and with the first responders, the community, and our nation.

As we grieve, we hear the call of many of our members urging us to act together to stem the tide of gun violence in our country.

“Our Hearts Are Breaking and We Are More Determined Than Ever to See Common Sense Gun Laws.”

Yesterday’s shooting in San Bernadino brought the number of mass shootings in the United States to 355 in just one year. This has to end.

MomsRising is an organization of more than a million moms, dads and others, and we are dedicated to the health and safety of our nation’s families. Today, our thoughts are with the victims and survivors of the shooting in San Bernardino, and their families. Our hearts go out to the many people and caregivers who work at the Inland Regional Center, a facility that serves people with developmental disabilities, and to the first responders, the community, and our nation.

But, even as we grieve, we know that we must act to stem the tide of gun violence in our country. Our hearts are breaking, and we are more determined than ever to see common sense gun laws. Once again, we are calling on our nation’s lawmakers to prioritize the lives, health and well-being of families over the financial interests of the gun lobby.

A Special Match for #GivingTuesday


You gave thanks. You ate delicious food. You got deals. Now, it’s time to give back!

Today is Giving Tuesday, a national day of celebrating and supporting the causes that matter most to us – like making the world a better, safer, more just place for women, moms and families.

To mark this day, another generous donor has offered to give $25 for every contribution today – in any amount! Make a gift, unlock this special match for Giving Tuesday!

Our goal today is to recruit 100 new and returning MomsRising donors today for Giving Tuesday. I hope you will become one of them!

Your support today will help MomsRising dial up the fight for pay equity, push harder for gun safety, and turn up the pressure for paid family / maternity / paternity medical leave.

OPENING TODAY: Armor of Light, Abigail Disney's New Film, Shakes Up National Gun Safety Conversation

This Friday, The Armor of Light is going to open in 20 cities across the nation. This documentary is asking us to have a thoughtful conversation about guns and reducing gun violence with all kinds of Americans.  

The Armor of Light follows evangelical minister Reverend Rob Schenck, anti-abortion activist and fixture on the political far right, who ultimately asks whether being pro-gun is consistent with being pro-life.  This is not easy.  Reverend Schenck is troubled by the reactions of his long-time friends and colleagues who warn him away from this issue.

The film includes Rev. Schenck’s meeting with Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, an unarmed teenager who was murdered in Florida. Jordan's story has cast a spotlight on “Stand Your Ground” laws.  Rev. Schenck and Lucy McBath become friends. 

Something's Gotta Give

Something strange happened to me the other day. I was feeling profoundly impacted by yet another school shooting and I decided to make it a teachable moment for my Introduction to Sociology class since we were already discussing crime and deviance. As I stood at my podium, having recounted for all 46 of them how I had experienced the shooting at Columbine and began to go into the astounding mass murder/gun violence/school shooting stats, a handful of them dropped off. They put their heads down. They picked up their phones. They dozed off. They stared mindlessly off into the distance: they disengaged. You know what I did? I broke down. It was completely unexpected- I am not a crier and I definitely don’t cry in front of my students or anyone in public really but I cried. I may have even ugly cried. The students responded immediately- heads shot up, guilty looks surfaced on their faces, phones went back below the desk. A few students who were already paying attention started to tear up with me.

Umpqua: I am no longer numb

This time feels different. Not in that the horrific tragedy at Umpqua will result in definitive political action (it won’t). Not in that the traditional news cycle will largely forget this tragedy within a week (it will). And of course the usual bromides were trotted out by the usual suspects: The shooting was at a gun-free zone (it wasn’t), and those attract mass killers (they don’t). Our gun problem is a mental health problem (not really). Criminals don’t follow laws, so gun control won’t work (why have any laws?). None of that changed.

Rather, I no longer fear that we as a country risk going numb in a mute acceptance of the status quo. Why? In part because I am no longer numb.

In the nearly 3 years since Sandy Hook, the more I focused on gun violence, the more numb I became. People became statistics. I’m a data person. Numbers are what I do. Numbers are what allowed me to rattle off statistics like 92 people every day die from gunfire, and not feel anything. When dealing with statistics, I didn’t have to feel the agony of 92 men, women, and children losing their lives. Families shattered. Communities ripped apart. Every. Single. Day.

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