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We went BIG! MomsRising Ad Buy in New Hampshire

Take Action!

Today MOMentum is in full force in the New Hampshire statewide paper - the Union Leader - where our MomsVote ad is running, thanks to the creativity, brains, and support of the amazing MomsRising community!

This ad came from you! Our ad highlights the top policy areas that you voted in as priorities; it features the winning headline you voted on; and last, but not least, moms and dads across the nation like you pitched in to pay for the ad to run.  THANK YOU!

What was our goal with this ad? All eyes are on New Hampshire right now because it will be the first state in the nation to hold a 2016 primary election for President. In fact, the New Hampshire primary is just around the corner in February. As moms, dads, and MomsRising volunteers, we are extremely concerned about the tenor of the Presidential election so far. Tragically, some candidates are inflaming hate and discrimination in our nation, including against Muslims, against women, against community leaders who organize for justice and an end to police brutality, and against immigrants and refugees.

A Special Match for #GivingTuesday


You gave thanks. You ate delicious food. You got deals. Now, it’s time to give back!

Today is Giving Tuesday, a national day of celebrating and supporting the causes that matter most to us – like making the world a better, safer, more just place for women, moms and families.

To mark this day, another generous donor has offered to give $25 for every contribution today – in any amount! Make a gift, unlock this special match for Giving Tuesday!

Our goal today is to recruit 100 new and returning MomsRising donors today for Giving Tuesday. I hope you will become one of them!

Your support today will help MomsRising dial up the fight for pay equity, push harder for gun safety, and turn up the pressure for paid family / maternity / paternity medical leave.

Conversation Cafe with Marco Rubio

Talking with Marco Rubio in New Hampshire’s “Conversation Café”  

Hello again! It feels like I’ve hit almost every corner of New Hampshire in the last few months in my work to give voice to the Granite State’s families in the Presidential campaign and beyond. 

Last week, this work gave me a great opportunity – talking directly to Senator Marco Rubio - as part of the candidate “Conversation Cafés” organized by WMUR (our local TV station). WMUR are hosting candidate cafés with each of the candidates and a few members of the public. This was an informal gathering to get to know the candidate on a more personal level.  Click here to see a clip of the show.

Because It’s 2015, I Demand More

Because it’s 2015, I can’t see these pictures and not act.
Because it’s 2015, you can’t sit by anymore either.
Because it’s 2015, we can’t let ourselves say “but I like being the #2.”

The powerful images put out by Elle UK were all too familiar. They featured some of the most recognizable global female leaders, from Angelina Jolie to Angela Merkel, as the sole women in the room. Men removed, it showed how desperately we need more women, and, not just at the top levels of leadership. I travel the country encouraging and training women to consider local office or get appointed to a board or commission — and I am still seeing the one and only, even in 2015.

Tell Presidential Candidates: Step Up on #ChildCareNow!

The next round of presidential debates are just around the corner, and it’s critical that the candidates hear from all of us about the importance of high quality, affordable child care. On Thursday, November 5, NWLC and MomsRising are teaming up for a Twitter storm to let the candidates know: working families need #ChildCareNow!

WHAT: #ChildCareNow Twitter Storm

WHEN: Thursday, November 5, 3:30-4:30 p.m. EST

** Here’s how you can get involved:

1.       Print out the attached sign and complete this sentence: “We need #ChildCareNow because________” .  You can fill in your own stories of how child care is important to your family, or fill in your thoughts about why childcare is important from a policy angle.

2.       Take your picture with your sign. If you have children, you could also have them fill out the sign and take their pictures with it.  

3.       Tweet your picture during the twitter storm on November 5 with the hashtag #ChildCareNow.

PA Moms: Be Heard Tomorrow -> VOTE!

Tomorrow is Election Day in Pennsylvania! Have you made your plan to vote? It's really important for moms and dads like us to make our voices heard.  

We all lead busy lives, and squeezing in a few minutes to make it to the polls isn't always easy. Today's a great time to think about setting the alarm earlier, checking out public transportation options, and/or coordinating a carpool with friends. And here's a handy link to help you find your polling place.

All elections are important, and this one is no exception. We're voting to elect three judges on the State Supreme Court, who will ultimately have a BIG impact on education, voting, the economy and the environment in Pennsylvania. Read more about the candidates in this ballot guide from PA Voices

And as a special thank you for voting, check out these fun downloadable coloring sheets! 

Share the good news!

Take Action!

Wow - I'm still excited about how much attention the issue of paid family leave insurance generated at the Presidential debate last week!

Right after the debate, I wrote a piece for to talk about how and why momentum for paid family leave is building in this election. OUR goal in writing the article is to keep candidates, leaders and the media talking about the issue of paid leave long after the last debate, in between the debates, and at every debate to come. The more we—and opinion leaders—talk about paid leave, the more momentum we build and the closer we get to winning this basic workplace protection (that every other industrialized nation in the world already has in place). It's time!

Can you do one simple thing to help me sustain this interest in paid family leave among Presidential candidates and media? It's easy—just click the buttons below to share my article with your social media networks now.

7 Back-to-School Tips to Help You Stress Less and Find Your Center

Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, the start of a new school year offers the opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to do things differently.

If you’re feeling some anxiety around all the transitions, scheduling, juggling and driving that usually accompany a new school year, take a deep breath, you’re not alone. Then, pause and consider the following ideas. Adopting even one of these strategies could make a huge difference in how you experience this potentially hectic time. Start with compassion and a “baby steps” mindset as you consider the following:

Are you at a threshold, too?

Yesterday we attended a moving "Ceremony of 13" at our church for my teenage son. Cultures around the world share a tradition of marking the transition from childhood to adulthood beginning at age 13 (in the Jewish tradition this is called a Bar or Bat Mitzvah). Our ministers shared why it's key to pause and honor this threshold or "crossing over" with ritual--just like we honor other thresholds such as baptisms, births, weddings, deaths, turning 18 and more.

After each youngadult received a blessing and anointing, parents took turns sharing what they loved and honored in their young teens. It was powerful and moving.

Tears streamed down my face for most of the short ceremony and it dawned on me that my 13 year-old and I are at a very similar place. I'll be 50 in January and I too, am at a threshold. My midlife transition has amped up in the last 18 months--physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually-- and just like my son, I too am at an axial time. A time that calls for more self-compassion, self-acceptance and time/space to digest and integrate all these internal--and external--changes so I can prepare for my second course.

From Cuddling to Canvassing


Lately, our idea of a hot date is to fling ourselves onto the couch. Then my husband casts me a knowing glance. I nod.  And the big turn on begins. With the touch of Casanova, he fondles not just one, but five remotes, as we settle in to enjoy the PBS series about Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Sexy? Not even I am that clinical.  But there is something satisfying about watching this series with the man I love.  Together, we learn tidbits of history that help us make sense of our world. We gasp at a sepia image of shacks dotting an urban waterfront.  Could that be Seattle? These communal moments spark some of our best conversations.  Strange, I know, but every night we drift off to sleep wanting more.

And the inspiration lingers.  Yesterday, the words of Eleanor Roosevelt gave me the courage to face the dreaded box I've been avoiding all summer, the one that's overflowing with snail mail:

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