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organizational management

Crafting Successful Influence Strategies: The Big Four

Developing a strong influence strategy requires thinking through four critical elements:

  1. A clear sense of the decision(s) that need to get made;
  2. An understanding of who makes these decision(s);
  3. An informed hypothesis about how the decision(s) will get made; and
  4. An understanding of how the organization can influence the decision-making process and a game plan for making that happen.

First, organizations need a clear sense of the decision(s) they want individuals, lawmakers, or other entities to make. Perhaps this is a behavior change, such as a person deciding to wear a seat belt or a bike helmet. Or a policy change that outlaws texting and driving. Or even a business decision, such as a company opting to offer transit benefits to employees. Or a series of decisions, such as becoming a more sustainable company.

Here are some questions that can help identify these decisions:

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