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5 Tips to Help Students Avoid School Stress and Improve Academic Success

It’s here! Students have officially gone back to school. The initial back to school glee felt by Moms and students alike may have already started ebbing and been replaced by incredible juggling acts. Homework, studying and hectic schedules are just some of the balls being held up in the air during this time. And, stress. Stress has replaced the glee.

With studies showing stress levels directly affect school performance, it’s important that parents arm their children with tools to stay calm when the demanding pressures of school hit.

Below I've listed 5 Tips to Help Students Avoid School Stress and Improve Academic Success that have helped me tremendously with my own two sons.


1. Get enough sleep:

Sacramento! Come Get Fed with Early Ed!

Calling all Sacramento MomsRising Members!

Bring the kiddos and come connect with MomsRising as we munch on bagels and coffee and chat about early learning and healthy foods in California and beyond. Later this month we will be reminding our Washington, DC leaders that quality and affordable early learning programs set our kids up for success, so come write a message, share your story, or have the littlest learners draw a picture to mail out to Washington. Don't have much to say? That's ok! Come connect with other moms and have a cup of coffee on us! We will be meeting at the Sierra2Center's playground alongside the River City Babywearers weekly Coffee & Carry event, so come walk, ride, stroll, or carry over with your tiny tots and meet some other local moms!

Date: Sunday, September 13th, 2015

Time: 10:30am-12:30pm

Place: Sierra2Center Playground, 2791 24th Street, Sacramento CA 95818

Who: Moms, Dads, Family Member, Kids- YOU! 

Coloring for a Cause!

It’s the dog days of summer and the kids are getting restless. MomsRising to the rescue!  

We have an easy and powerful end of summer activity for the kids. It’s simple: just ask your kids, grandkids, and pint sized charges to color encouraging messages that support affordable, high quality early learning and childcare for all—like “Keep going for a bright future” from our Miles Ahead for Early Learning coloring activity book—and we will personally deliver their colorful artwork to members of Congress in September.

*Get your free, fun, and high impact coloring activities here!

What for? In just a few weeks MomsRising members and their kids will gather on the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C. to urge U.S. Senators and Representatives to invest in early learning programs, like childcare and pre-k! This is a way for you to be directly represented in D.C. without actually being there in person.

Why WIC is an Essential Program for Moms and Families

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) helps around 8.2 million women and their families access healthy foods, health care, nutrition education, and breastfeeding assistance and advice. WIC is an incredibly helpful and successful program for struggling moms and their families. The National WIC Association states that numerous studies show that WIC is effective and helps reduce premature births, fetal and infant deaths, increases access to prenatal care earlier in pregnancy, increases immunization rates, and improves diet quality, including reducing rates of childhood obesity.

Moms to Your Stations: Five ways to support healthy schools this year!

I’ll admit I’m a little weepy about the start of a new school year. My young kids are growing like weeds, and I’m not sure what happened to the month of August. But even if you’re on the teary-eyed end of the Back to School spectrum (like me), there are some big reasons to celebrate! Schools are working hard to provide yummy meal and snack options for kids, that are good for them too. And as parents we have a tremendous opportunity to get involved in making the school day a healthy one. To your stations! Here are five ways you can support healthy schools this year: 
I think parents can agree: healthy meals for our kids make sense. And thanks to the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, schools are now offering healthy meals and snacks. School lunch and breakfast now include more fruits, vegetables and whole grain-rich foods; only fat-free or low-fat milk; “right-sized” meals with portions designed for a child’s age; and less saturated fat, trans fat and sodium.

10 Tips For A Great Kindergarten Year

I’m sad to say this year I don’t have a child in Kindergarten but I consider myself an expert since I have taught the grade for several years and I know the expectations of the children, parents, and teachers. It’s such a sweet grade because many children haven’t been to school prior to this experience and they’re all so innocent and excited. Yet, it can be a stressful experience for everyone involved so below I've listed 10 Tips For A Great Kindergarten Year.


1. Plan to take the day off for your child – I’m not sure how it works in your district but in my experience, there is a “weaning process” in which children start off with half days that lead into full days. Whether your child is starting the year all-in or with shorter days, I would definitely consider taking their first day of school off of work to help your child transition smoothly. 

Your Guide to Antibiotic-free Lunchboxes


As kids return to school this September, discussions of school lunch nutrition leave me thinking that the best option, really, to ensure children receive healthy lunches is by packing them at home. A sandwich, some fruits and veggies, a healthy treat: that’s what I got in my lunch box way back when, and that’s what I'd want my kids to eat, too.

But when I think ‘healthy,’ I’m not just considering the nutrition label – I’m thinking about long-term health, as well. That’s why it’s so important to me that I buy meat raised without routine antibiotics.

Why worry about the use of antibiotics on poultry and livestock? In a word, superbugs; the quick-and-dirty word for antibiotic-resistant infections, which are increasingly on the rise. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and World Health organization have both warned that quite soon, these infections could kill more people than cancer.

Let’s jump back: what does this have to do with meat? The good news is, it’s not necessarily the meat itself that’s the problem. Rather, it’s the practices we use to raise that meat.

5 Ways to Make Mornings Easier

Originally posted by Trina on O'Boy Organic.
I went back to work. Well, I guess I never really stopped “working” but I worked from home so if I drove the kids to school in my PJ’s it was OK. Now I don’t have that luxury. Now I will not even see my kids off to school. My husband is taking over that part….wish him well, he has NO IDEA what he is getting himself into. Actually our mornings aren’t “that bad” because what seems like forever we’ve had a routine that works and makes things run smoothly, for the most part because we all know there are many bumps in the road when you are trying to get kids off to school.
WAKE UP EARLY: I know this might be tough for some but trust me, when you wake up even an hour before the kids it makes a huge difference. You can get completely ready for the day, have a cup of coffee (or 2) and get a few things done around the house before anyone wakes. Plus, you actually get a little quite time….seriously this is why I get up between 5:30-6Am everyday just for that.
PREPARE LUNCH THE NIGHT BEFORE: This is a big one for me.

A Migrant Mom's Response to Donald Trump

“All the differences of ideas that we have are negotiable. What is not negotiable is our souls. Politics is not the world for businessmen.” - Jose Mujica, President of Uruguay

In case you missed it, Donald Trump has committed to deporting 11 million hardworking migrants in the United States. Migrants who have suffered and endured the unbelievable to arrive here. Migrants, some of who have been separated from their children -- for over a decade! Refugees, who would have rather stayed in their country if it were not plagued by war, violence, fear and despair.


Jorge Ramos has been a trusted television journalist for decades -- respected all over the world. He has was won 8 Emmy Awards for excellence in journalism and has even moderated a U.S. Presidential Debate. In the U.S. Latino community, he is a source of pride for us and we have been familiar with his face and voice for many years.


Up for a challenge? Join us for #BacktoSchool!

Dust off the backpack. Clean off the desk. Sharpen those pencils. it's time for Back to School!
Whether you have kids or just know some, this can be a hectic time of year as we adjust to new routines and say goodbye to the lazy days of summer.
Get the school year off to a strong and healthy start! We're sharing tips, advice and more during the Good Food Force Back to School Challenge! Join us in the Facebook Group!
What’s the “Challenge”? Well, it’s all about having fun as we pool our collected wisdom around mastering this busy season. Here's how it works:

  • The Challenge lives on the Good Food Force Facebook Group, and runs from September 1-15. Just join the Facebook Group to get started. 
  • Every day we'll feature easy tips and activities suggested by moms and experts to help you master the back to school moment. Think recipes, organizing strategies, tips for getting involved in your local school and more. 
  • Complete the daily activities if, when and how you want. Eager to do them all? Great! Want to just stop by and get ideas? That's great too!

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