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Join us to stand up for the kids of Flint!

It has been well over a year since the Flint water crisis became front page news. In fact, it was all the way back in last January when President Obama and Michigan Governor Snyder (who is partially responsible for the lead poisoning in the first place!) declared a State of Emergency in Flint due to residents’ drinking water being poisoned with lead.

So why is the U.S. Congress STILL dragging its feet to pass emergency funding that could help alleviate the multiple problems Flint residents face due to their water being unusable?

**Write your members of Congress NOW and tell them to speak up for the children of Flint and pass emergency funding as soon as they return to Washington, D.C. in November!

Parents Speak Out About Importance of Water Quality and Access in Schools!

Parents are passionate about water quality and access in schools. The stories below are included in our latest Healthy Schools Storybook, which parents are delivering to schools across the country in 2016 and 2017. Download a complete and free version of the storybook here

What's in the Halloween makeup?

An Ice Wizard. That’s what my son wants to be for Halloween this year. And I’m glad. Homemade costumes are the most fun, and a quick internet search helped me see exactly which video game character he had in mind.

Brown shirt, blue pants, blue fabric as a belt–it all seemed easy enough until we got to the face. And that’s where I got stuck. The costume calls for blue eyebrows, mustache, and hair. That should be easy, but our quick trip to the Halloween aisle left me with more questions than answers. There were plenty of tubes and kits of face paint in lots of shades of blue. But they all seemed to be missing what I was looking for most–some indication that the makeup they contained wasn’t toxic.

A scary new report released last week by the Breast Cancer Fund’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics documented the widespread presence of toxic chemicals in kids’ cosmetics and face paints. 

Treat Your Kids This Halloween With Social Emotional Skills

Halloween is almost here! Your kids will be transforming into witches and warlocks and getting lots of tasty treats.

Yet this spooky holiday is more than dressing up and eating handfuls of candy corn--your children will be interacting with their peers and others in your community. As the NBC Education Nation Parent Toolkit highlights, “stellar social skills are just as important on this holiday as they are on any other day, but Halloween can be the perfect opportunity to teach your child about being gracious and about the rewards (candy!) that come from being respectful!”

Are you abandoning yourself?

Have you ever experienced a time when you were wronged or mistreated and didn’t stand up for yourself?

In my late twenties I worked at a large international biotech company as a communications specialist. My counterparts in our Paris office were impressed with my work and invited me to come work side by side for a year in their European offices sharing US best practices.  I was elated! My excitement around this opportunity kept building until I accidentally picked up a transmission off our office fax machine. My boss–for no good reason–had “turned down” the opportunity for me even though the executives in Europe had signed off on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.   I was livid and I could feel in my bones this move was sabotage. Yet, in my youth and naiveté, I steamed in silence and never took this above her head or to the company CEO–who I knew and often wrote speeches for. I regret to this day, not speaking up and advocating for myself.

Tell Congress: Make childcare more affordable!

Take Action!

Candidates are talking about it. The media are talking about it. And, of course, we are (and have been!) talking about it!

Childcare now costs more than college. Yikes!

The struggles most parents in America have finding quality, affordable childcare for their little ones is getting a lot of attention these days from the candidates and from the media. MomsRising member Meredith Tweed even shared her experience with Time Magazine last week. When asked how she covers the cost of their $1,100/month childcare for her two children, along with their mortgage, healthcare, and additional costs of raising a child with autism, Meredith said, We can’t afford to do all these things all at the same time.

We shouldn’t have to choose between paying for basic necessities like housing, childcare, or healthcare, and yet too many of us are struggling to keep our heads above water. And while the attention on this issue is rising thanks to the election and due to parents and supporters like you speaking out, the investment in federal funding isn’t keeping up.

The Race To The Oval Office!

Radio!On the radio show this week we uncover what’s going on with the race to the Presidency with the top pollster in the nation; discuss voter suppression and what policies are needed so that everyone who wants to vote can vote;  bring on a mother and daughter duo to discuss women in leadership; and hear the latest on politics in California. 

*Special guests include:


#MilitaryMonday: Family Leave builds stronger military families!

I will never forget the first time my husband came home from his first deployment. I got my hair done, a pedicure, manicure, cleaned my house, made all of his favorite dishes, gassed up his Jeep, put on my cutest outfit, and headed out to the airport.

We lived in Bellevue, Nebraska and the drive to the airport in Omaha wasn’t that long. Yet it was the longest car ride of my life.

I was able to get a security pass to wait at the gate for my husband Jeremy. I was so nervous. My hands were shaking and I was making ridiculous conversation with anyone who would listen.

Finally, his plane was pulling up to the gate. I felt my heart pounding and breathing was hardly happening. I stood there waiting, holding up a sign, and smiling.

All around people were smiling and showing their support. And I stood there waiting for what felt like an eternity. Finally, standing before me was my husband. I dropped the sign and ran straight into his arms.

Before Jeremy deployed we had decided that it was time to expand our family. We wanted a baby. Then, he came home and said he was deploying and everything changed.

I’m A Freelancer—Where’s My Paid Family Leave?

October is National Work and Family Month. Working Mother Magazine identified 100 businesses that take their obligations employees seriously, first and foremost with paid family leave. These businesses are dragging the country toward something approximating a civilized social safety net, which is awesome—unfortunately I don’t work for any of them. I’m one of the approximately 53 million freelancers and independent contractors in the U.S.

Don’t just Get Out The Vote - GOURD Out The Vote with Electoral Pumpkins!

Does this election season have you stressed out? I’ve got a solution for you! Let’s Gourd Out The Vote and carve some electoral pumpkins!

What the what? What is “Gourd Out the Vote” and what is an electoral pumpkin? A weird band? A polling firm? Nope! Gourd out the vote is a seasonal play on “get out the vote” and electoral pumpkins are my go-to election season stress reliever.



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