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Groups Urge Judge to Release Pregnant Black Mother With Medical Complications from Texas County Jail Immediately

Texas Jail Project, a nonprofit that advocates for improving conditions in Texas county jails, and MomsRising, an online and on-the-ground multicultural organization of more than 1 million mothers and their families, are petitioning a Jefferson County judge to release Kandace Washington, a 22-year-old black mother who is more than 7 months pregnant. At a bond hearing this past Monday, Judge John Stevens refused to release her on bail or on a personal recognizance bond, despite the fact that her pregnancy has been deemed “high-risk,” she is not a flight risk, and she has not yet been convicted of the non-violent charge against her.

Diana Claitor, Executive Director of Texas Jail Project, has been monitoring the situation since Ms. Washington was booked into the jail on July 9th, and explained:

#MilitaryMonday: Postpartum Depression, Putting the Pieces Back Together

Recently I went to a local Modern Quilt Guild’s meeting. It was a “sit’n’sew” meeting, meaning women can sew together for 5 hours, with no other distractions. Boy, did I love the sound of that, just me, my sewing machine, and new quilting friends. As I sat and listened at the beginning of the meeting, my mind couldn’t help but travel back to my very first quilt guild meeting under much different circumstances.

I felt like my life was falling apart. My daughter was a few months old and I had never been more afraid and confused in my life. See this picture?

Ask Congress to Stand With 800,000 DREAMers

My story is the story of millions: We are here, we are students, we are teachers, we are innovators and we are hard-working individuals committed to our communities.” - Priscilla (Be sure to click the quote to read Priscilla's story covered in the New York Times.) 

**Ask Congress - Protect the 800,000 DREAMers like Priscilla from deportation!

DREAMers are young adults who were brought to America as small children and raised in this country, knowing no other home. As U.S. Senator Schumer stated, DREAMers are “Americans in every way but paperwork.”

#5Actions of the Week: August 19, 2017

There's a LOT of political news filling the airwaves, so we want to make sure these other important actions aren't missed! THANK YOU for sticking with us and for taking action during these tumultuous times. We must #KeepMarching!

As always, please act and share. Together we're making a difference.


1. Are you ready to #ResistHate? Sign up & join us for an important phone call on Sunday!

BACKGROUND: MomsRising, MoveOn, Working Families Party, Center for Popular Democracy, People's Action, Color of Change, Indivisible, and other movement allies are coming together for an emergency mass organizing call dedicated to a discussion of white supremacy and how to fight it. The call will take place on Sunday, August 20th at 8 p.m. ET. We hope you'll join us on a call dedicated to a discussion of white supremacy and how to fight it. Sign up now and we'll call you!

We MUST Stand Up for Pregnant Women!

Kandace Washington is 7.5 months pregnant, high risk, and is currently being held at Jefferson County Correctional Facility where advocates report that she is not receiving the necessary exams by medical staff trained in high-risk pregnancy and was denied prenatal vitamins until an advocate filed a complaint with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. Delaying her release puts her life and the life of her unborn child at risk.  

Texas has the highest rate of mothers dying during pregnancy. 

At a bond hearing this past Monday, Judge John Stevens refused to release Kandace on bail or on a personal recognizance bond* despite the fact that her pregnancy has been deemed “high-risk,” she is not a flight risk and has not yet been convicted of the non-violent charge against her. 

Ways to love someone though their pregnancy plan

This piece is published in partnership with Echoing Ida, a Forward Together Program.

Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing times in someone’s life — usually in multiple lives. My five year journey into reproductive health was ignited after attending my first birth as a doula (a non-medical support person). I’ve had the honor to love people through abortions, home births and c-section deliveries at hospitals. Spektra Wellness, a freelance project I started last year, offers my experience to those seeking holistic prenatal counseling.

It became clear early in my career that people don’t just need a birth plan, as is commonly told to care providers and patients alike. All of us deserve robust pregnancy plans. Not every pregnancy is expected, wanted, or viable — and people need support for all instances.


What is a pregnancy plan? How can I help with one?

VICTORY: How Raising Constituent Voices (Over and Over) Protects Health Care

Raising Constituent Voices To Protect Health Care
MomsRising’s Health Care Team has been working hard since the November 2016 election to help protect and advance access to health care by activating our membership to speak out on the importance of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid.

Resources on Anti-Semitism….and how this connects to Charlottesville

Growing up in a Jewish family I don’t distinctly remember having to learn about anti-Semitism—it’s a knowledge that feels like it was always there in some way. But I know that is not true. My parents tell me that they always taught my brother and I about hate in general, and how there is no place for hatred in our hearts or in our actions. We were also taught to stand up for others and, in an age appropriate manner, about the realities of the world, including how some people feel about Jews.

Helping Mothers of Color Reach Their Breastfeeding Goals

It is National Breastfeeding Month and I was just in an Asian Breastfeeding Task Force kick-off meeting last week. Healthcare providers in Los Angeles and Orange County came together and formed this task force because they feel it’s clear that there are special and unique cultural and education issues when working with the population and breastfeeding practices. 
Los Angeles County is home to the largest Asian American population in the US. In 2015, 2/3 of the babies born in Garfield Hospital and half of the babies born in San Gabriel Valley Hospital were Asian, according to data from AHMC medical group. Garfield and SGV are the two of the largest hospitals in Los Angeles County. Also according to the hospital data, most of the mothers were first generation immigrants. Their parenting style is deeply rooted in their culture. 
I was born and raised in Taiwan. I was not breastfed.

When a Healthy Baby Isn't Enough

By: Dr. Christina Han

As a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist and a mother of two young children, I have experienced pregnancy from both sides of the examination table. In my clinical work, I diagnose and manage complications of pregnancy every day, and frequently hear mothers exclaim, “I just want a healthy baby,” while bravely setting their own health aside. To many new mothers, the concern about complications ends as soon as the baby is delivered. In my own pregnancies, like many of my own patients, I remember experiencing the nervousness and anticipation during those final weeks before delivery, and feeling the worries fade away the moment my children were placed into my arms.

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