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On Trump's Address to Congress Tonight: Trump's Agenda is NOT Our Agenda

Take Action!

Tonight, President Trump will speak for the first time before a joint session of Congress, and all indications are that he will continue to push a radical alt-right agenda that hurts our families, our communities, our economy, and threatens the underpinnings of our democracy.  His vision strips healthcare from tens of millions of Americans, perpetuates Islamophobic falsehoods, weakens important workplaces protections, undermines family incomes, and tears communities and families apart via mass deportations.

The moms of America have a simple message to President Trump: This agenda is not our agenda.  

Your #5Actions For the Week!

The number of people taking actions through the #5Actions a week program is incredible. Thank you. Together we’re having a big impact, including with advancing wins in the states (like Maryland and Washington), while we are also protecting policy (like healthcare) at the federal level.

It’s working! But we’ve got to keep the pedal to the metal! Below are the #5Actions for this week. You can do them all on one day, spread them out over the week, or just do whatever works for you. Just know that when you take action, you’re joined by people across the nation so your impact is amplified. Now, without further ado…drum roll please… the MomsRising Top #5Actions of this week!

1. Urge Congress to stand up for the media, judiciary, and the U.S. Constitution. Sign on our letter reminding Congress that it’s their duty to defend the media and the judiciary from Donald Trump's efforts to delegitimize them & urge them to protect the U.S. Constitution.

Talking to Elementary School Kids About Transgender Identity

Left to their own devices, most kids wouldn’t be bothered when a friend appears as a different gender than they used to be. Unfortunately, adults’ toxic attitudes about gender nonconformity can create real danger for transgender children.

Amber Briggle’s nine year old son Max was born Gracie. I asked Amber how her son’s friends reacted when Grace transitioned to a form of gender expression (dressing like a boy and using “he”) that matched his gender identity in first grade. Amber says, “Honestly, his friends DON'T care about it.  He had a ton of friends when he was still "Gracie" and he hasn't lost any of those friends now that he's Max.  He gets invited to sleepovers, and plays on team sports.”


Radio!On the #RADIO show this week we cover the fight for healthcare and what you can do; how wins are happening at the state level, including on paid family/medical leave; the contributions of immigrant families to our nation; and the recent uptick in anti-semitism and bigotry and how to combat it.
*Special guests include: 



#Radio This Week: The Resistance Is Real


On the radio show this week we talk about the economic impact of healthcare including that 1.2 million jobs will be lost if the ACA is repealed; hear from SiX about their week of action relating to state policies that boost families; get the inside scoop on the past, present, and future state of unions; and talk about the future of our democracy and what YOU can do to protect it.

*Special guests include: 


What my toddler son taught me about the travel ban

I was in Taipei with family for Chinese New Year when President Donald Trump first announced the travel ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries.
For days, concerned relatives and friends asked if the ban would affect us.
In one way, it doesn’t affect us—we are naturalized U.S. citizens.
But in many ways, it does affect us.
My 3-year-old son’s preschool teacher is from Iran. We love her and truly worried that we would lose a great teacher over that ban. For days my husband and I tried to come up with a good explanation for our child, but we couldn’t.
At dinner table when the child was not listening, my mother-in-law said, “You don’t have to tell him anything. He’s gone through several teachers before, he’ll be fine. He probably won’t even notice that she's gone.”
My father-in-law said, “If he does notice and ask questions, simply tell him that the teacher left. He will forget about it soon anyway.”
My in-laws were wrong.

Parenting and our Public Policies

It’s been a little over a month since the Women’s March.  I was humbled and honored to have been part of the sister march in Miami, FL, and to this day still have not been able to wrap my mind around the magnitude of the experience.  Today, I think about the energy and drive it took for all those who organized and motivated so many to speak up and express what they feel needs to happen in their communities.  The Miami Women’s Rally team was amazing.  They organized and got us all together in a matter of weeks.  They were clear on their intentions and clear on how they hoped we would express our messages.  I know I would not been able to write and speak without the assistance of Sandy, the person in charge of speakers.  Being able to hold her hand while my heart was in my throat before I stepped on stage will be a memory and a moment of camaraderie that will live with me always.  I am grateful to have had that experience and to be able to represent the issues that are important to MomsRising and policies that will help parents and their children.  I thought I’d share the speech here with you, my MomsRising family.  I hope it will inspire and continue to drive all of you to contin

#KeepMarching! Audio from MomsRising's Phone Meeting on Advocacy and Organizing

After the Women’s March, women, mothers and others across the country vowed to #KeepMarching—by paying attention, speaking out and showing up, online AND on the ground. MomsRising members are joining together by the thousands, building up their voices and their power in defense of families, communities and our country.

We could not be more proud, and we are with our members every step of the way!

That’s why, on February 21, at 9 PM EST, MomsRising held a Telephone Town Hall to share some of our favorite organizing and advocacy tactics with our members who are ready to do more. The presentation was based on our new advocacy and organizing toolkit, #KeepMarching: MomsRising Advocacy and Organizing Tactics and Tips. We covered:

Why it's Worth Remembering Olmsted and his Trees Right Now


         A couple of times this month, I’ve marched with my 13-year-old daughter and other chilly people, including at The Women’s March on Washington. It convened near the southwest lawn of the U.S. Capitol and proceeded – in fits and starts - down Independence Avenue along the edge of the national mall.

         In the act of walking together, we made a statement and did something that helps us feel marginally better about an election that perhaps didn’t go our way. Walking this particular route, imbued with history, monumental architecture and open green space, connected us to each other and, as science is now telling us, also helped us recover from anxiety and stress.

My Town Hall Experience

My mom recently attended our local Representative's townhall to share her thoughts about the ACA. Here's what happened, in her own words:

On February 11, my husband John and I attended the ACA Town Hall held by Representative Gus Bilirakis. We felt strongly about attending and sharing our story so we arrived early to get a seat.

The Center was filled to capacity with a large crowd overflowing outside. Inside, we were asked to complete a form from Representative Bilirakis. It included name, address, concerns and if you wanted to speak. We checked yes but figured the possibility was slim being chosen to talk. His staff was efficient and congenial. They even allowed me to take a picture with them holding a booklet from MomsRising about the ACA. Representative Bilirakis entered the Center walking through the crowd conversing with people along the way even though it was obvious the majority was in support of the ACA. He let the crowd know he was there to hear our stories and that he felt it was his job to hear from his constituents.

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