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Congress Must Reject ‘Shockingly Callous’ Trump Budget Proposal – an ‘Assault on Nation’s Mothers and Families’

Food. Health Care. Housing. Education. Air that is breathable and water that is safe to drink. The budget proposal the Trump administration released today would put all that in jeopardy in order to pay for huge tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. This budget would jeopardize the health care, nutrition and education of our children, families and aging parents.  
“Quite simply, this budget would devastate our economy and our families.
“This budget proposal is shockingly callous and short-sighted. It provides a frightening glimpse into the priorities of this President: Building walls instead of building schools; investing in expensive new weapon systems instead of investing in children; and cutting taxes for millionaires and billionaires instead of cutting hunger, poverty and want. Congress must reject it in its entirety – declaring it DOA – and instead pass a federal budget that allows mothers, families, communities, small and medium businesses, and our economy to thrive.

5 Urgent Actions for This Week!

It's GO TIME! We need all hands on deck! We’ve got to protect families in the national budget and push back against the disastrous American Health Care Act. It takes just a minute to have a big impact.

So get YOUR week off to a great start, and take action on the important #5Actions below. Thank you!  

1. Urge Congress: Protect kids and families in the federal budget!

We must end abusive and deadly policing now! Stand with the Family of Jordan Edwards!

He was just a kid. An honor roll student. A popular football player with a loving family. But no matter what grades he had or sports he played, we know one thing: Jordan Edwards didn't deserve to die.
Three weeks ago, police officers arrived at a party that Jordan was leaving with friends. They were responding to a call about “drunken” teenagers walking around. Officer Roy Oliver fired a rifle at the car Jordan was a passenger in, striking Jordan in the head and killing him.

Name it. Change it! #PowerUp!

Radio!On the radio show this week we cover Eric Liu’s new book, “You’re More Powerful Than You Think;” we bust myths about immigration policy and cover the many contributions of immigrants to our economy; we talk about what you can do to get rid of the motherhood wage hit; and discuss how fighting for liberty, justice, equity and equality can be both fun and high impact.


  • Eric Liu, Citizen University and award winning author; 
  • Elisa Ortiz, Appleseed Network;
  • Maya Raghu, National Women’s Law Center; 
  • Donna Norton, MomsRising


Online Premiere! Healthy Products, Healthy People

JUNE 22, 29, JULY 6

What:  Webcasts Premiering Four Minute Videos On Six Chemical Classes of Concern 
When: 11am-12pm PDT; 2-3pm EDT; 8-9pm CET
        June 22: Introduction, Highly Fluorinated chemicals, Antimicrobials
        June 29: Introduction, Flame Retardants, Bisphenols & Phthalates
        July 6:     Introduction, Solvents, Certain Metals
How:    Register here 
Questions: or call 510-898-1704

Trump Administration’s Paid Leave Proposal ‘Terribly Flawed, Would Leave Millions of Families Behind and Falls Far Short of What Our Country Needs’

While we are heartened by reports that President Trump’s budget recognizes the need for paid family and medical leave, which is, indeed, an urgent priority – the administration’s approach is not only terribly flawed, but also is coming at the same time Trump is proposing massive cuts to the programs that lift families the most. Actions speak louder than words, and while the words ‘paid family leave’ are in Trump’s leaked budget, the specifics of the paid family leave proposal itself, his recent executive orders, his ‘skinny budget,’ and his legislative stances – including advocating for pulling health care access from 24 million people – prove that this paid family leave policy proposal is largely a smokescreen.

RSVP to our early learning meeting with Cambridge, MA Mayor E. Denise Simmons!

We have a great opportunity to raise our voices in Cambridge, MA about the need for affordable, high-quality early learning, including childcare and pre-k!   

**Join us for a meeting on Wednesday, May 24th with Mayor E. Denise Simmons and her staff to discuss early learning opportunities in Cambridge!

Date & Time: May 24th at 2pm

Location: City Hall-795 Massachusetts Avenue, 2nd Floor. (There are public parking lots throughout the area and the Central T stop is only a few minutes away)

***Your kids and other family members and friends are more than welcome to attend!***

We’ve set up this high-impact, face-to-face meeting to make sure Mayor Simmons knows how important early learning opportunities—including
high-quality, affordable childcare and pre-K and dual language learning—is to Cambridge families.

Dr. Fabrice Jaumont offers insight on dual language program creation in NYC


Dr. Fabrice Jaumont is the Education Attaché at the Embassy of France in NYC. In that role, he has played an instrumental role in the creation of French dual language programs in New York City and has also helped parents interested in opening programs in other languages navigate the DOE system.



You've been responsible for an explosion in French dual language programs in NYC. What are the key elements needed in order to bring a program to a school?

Most French-speaking families in the U.S. want their children to maintain their French language skills while adapting to their new American environment. Non-French families value dual language education particularly in a public school setting. In the case of New York City, both groups were able to unite to create successful French-English dual language programs in public schools.

Moms need health care before, during, and after pregnancy

By Alison Stuebe, MD

California, add your name! Families should not have to choose between a job and affordable childcare!

California friends, I wanted to make sure you heard the update!

You might remember that the Governor’s original budget proposal in January reneged on millions of dollars in promised funding for early learning programs.Thousands of MomsRising members  across California jumped into action and urged Governor Brown not to put “a pause” on California’s kids.

I have some good news -  he listened!

Will you join me in thanking the Governor for “unpausing” funding for our littlest learners in California’s budget and urge him to take the next step to ensure more Californians have access to affordable, high quality childcare?

What’s happening?

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