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Don’t lose your ACA health coverage!

If you received a warning notice in the mail or know you have a data inconsistency with your original marketplace health insurance application, read the below blog post from and get your paperwork in to the marketplace  ASAP by September 5th!

If you're having trouble submitting the paperwork on your own, call 1-800-318-2596 and let them know you have a “data matching warning notice” or find local face-to-face help in your area:

Failure to submit your paperwork by September 5th may result in a loss of your coverage by September 30th 2014. 

You can see the original blog post at the blog and copied with permission just below.

Still need to send documents to the Marketplace? If you get a letter this week, time is running out.

Women & Men Advancing Gender Equality Together

As we reflect on what’s needed to accelerate efforts in achieving equality, the time has come to build a stronger partnership between women and men; partnership that acknowledges and embraces our interdependence, and that builds on our mutual interests in achieving gender equality.

Without strengthening our partnership across the gender divide, true equality will remain beyond our grasp. With so much important work still to accomplish, including ending gender violence, creating pay equity, and having equal representation in the institutions that shape our world, we need each other as allies.

And beyond needing allies, the kind of equality we are seeking is not just about making sure women get an equal piece of the pie, it’s about creating a new, more complete pie—together. True gender equality would expand the possibilities for both women and men, because we all suffer from rigid gender roles. 

#FoodFri Tweetchat: Back to School with Smart Snacks

This year as kids go back to school, school food will be getting even healthier. Smart Snacks went into effect July 1st, updating the national nutrition standards for vending, school stores, fundraisers, and a la carte in school cafeterias.  Also, school lunches and breakfasts continue to get healthier, with stronger standards this fall for whole grains, sodium, and fruit. Talk about GREAT news!

Join @MomsRising and @CSPI for this week's #FoodFri tweetchat to learn more about the changes and how it will benefit all schoolchildren!



Feel free to spread the word about the #FoodFri chat scheduled for Friday, June 27, 2014, at 1 p.m., EST, on Twitter. And, remember, when joining make sure to add #FoodFri to your tweet. We wouldn't want to miss it!

See you Friday at 1pm!

Support Leslie McSpadden, the mother of Mike Brown, and all families seeking justice

Take Action!

Please add your voice to the growing movement of parents who say enough is enough! Let's stand together for Leslie McSpadden, mother of Mike Brown, and all families seeking justice: 

Remember the summer of your high school graduation? Remember all of the excitement, hopes, and dreams for the future? 

Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown had dreams too. Dreams that he will now never be able to realize. Instead, his mother, Leslie McSpadden is left only with memories because two days before the start of Michael's freshman year at college, he was gunned down by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer. Michael was unarmed

This has to stop. As mothers, Michael's story hits us hard. We should never have to fear that our children could come to harm at the hands of those charged with protecting them.

#FoodFri Tweetchat: It's Not A "Poor Kid" Issue

Growing up, my Mami stressed the importance of breakfast. She knew it fueled my day, giving me the energy I needed to pay attention in school. Today, research shows school breakfast participation has been linked to fewer occurrences of student hunger, decreased tardiness and absenteeism, as well as, improved focus and cognitive abilities. Children who eat breakfast perform better academically and experience fewer visits to the school nurse. So, Mami was right - breakfast is important! 

Wal-Mart, Don't Discount the Power of Teachers

At the end of July, I was inundated with Facebook posts telling me about Wal-Mart’s Teacher Appreciation Week. How were teachers like me appreciated exactly? We could get an e-card for 10 percent back on “qualifying” purchases of supplies, basically a glorified gift card for the store.


But let’s be clear: Teachers know that Wal-Mart is not giving us or our schools anything meaningful to genuinely make a difference in the education of our kids. To the contrary, Wal-Mart’s “appreciation” for teachers has been to spend an incredible amount of money to discredit and shut out the voice of teachers, who are the ones who are the closest to students and need to be involved in the decisions about their education.


Mothers, Democracy and Hurricane Iselle

The following post, with minor modifications, was first featured in the Honolulu Star Advertiser as an op-ed last week, right before Hawaii’s state primary.  The first sentence of the editorial read:  "As this primary season comes to an end..."  

But the primary season did not end on Saturday as Hurricane Iselle hit parts of the state, impacting the ability of some residents to cast their ballots.

So one polling location will open this Friday to serve those who were not able to vote, but it's still unclear whether they will truly be able to exercise their rights as citizens because many of them still lack water, power, and even food.

While I knew that a hurricane could hit our island when I submitted the op-ed, I of course had no idea what the impact would be on our elections and our families.  And when I now look at photos of roofless homes, fallen trees, and Big Island residents lined up for meals and to charge their cellphones, one of the final sentences in the op-ed takes on more meaning:  

"Significantly, the word “economy” comes from the ancient Greek, oikos, meaning household."

MomsRising's Food Power Events Get Bigger And Better!

On August 2, 2014, we hosted Food Power 2014 in the Bronx, NY, alongside the amazing food justice community organization, The BLK Projek during their annual Not Just Talk conference. Two hundred people from around NYC came out to participate!

Highlights from the conference include the MomsRising hosted brunch and gathering of fierce food justice moms working to protect school meals, increase access to healthy food, and end junk food marketing to children.

Our discussion Food Fight! Moms on the front lines in schools and communities brought together dozens of bloggers and activists. We discussed the changes in school meals and how junk food companies are targeting children of color. We shared ways to engage moms online, and on-the-ground, to make sure kids have access to healthy food everywhere during the MomsRising workshop with Irina Gonzalez, Founder of the Latin Kitchen and Director of Audience Development at Latina Magazine, Alexandra Morbitzer, Founder of the FitLatina website and social media platforms.

Open Letter to Congress during Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Please note: this post was originally published in my blog, LadydeeLG. (Feel free to visit!) 


Dear Members of Congress,

How are you enjoying your summer break? I thought I'd write a note to let you know, in case you missed it, that August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Doctors recommend that babies be exclusively breastfed for six months. The benefits of breastfeeding exclusively have been well documented… research shows that babies who are exclusively breastfed for six months may be less likely to develop childhood obesity, and less likely to develop other illnesses like respiratory illnesses or ear infections.

Schedules That Work for Workers

A few weeks ago, President Obama convened a White House Summit on Working Families, an event attended by national leaders in business and labor. The event was designed to put the issues of working families under a national spotlight.

I was proud to participate in this event, representing the AFL-CIO and millions of workers throughout the country, and I wrote at the time that collective action following the summit would be the true measure of the summit’s success. While the summit brought much-needed attention to urgent issues facing working families, we need real solutions to help us meet the challenges we face.

So I applaud Reps. George Miller (D-Calif.) and Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) for taking an important step to deliver on the promise with their introduction of the Schedules That Work Act last month.

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