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The View from 3 Feet: Preschoolers + Video Cameras = Adorable

Ever wondered what the world looks like from a preschooler's point of view? Well then check out this new (and totally adorable) short video about why preschool matters, as told by the little tots themselves.

Honestly, I could talk your ear off about the importance of early learning, but wouldn't you rather have some cute kids with GoPro cameras show you why they love preschool? They're telling stories, doing art projects, practicing counting, and learning that "when somebody's talking to someone else, you be patient."

You get the picture – now enjoy it from three feet!

(P.S. Check out this interactive map from the Opportunity to Learn Campaign and learn how you can help make sure every kid in your state gets to go to preschool.)



#FoodFri Tweetchat: Raise YOUR Voice for Healthy School Snacks!


Nationally, most students buy at least one sugary drink or snack every day in school—one of the many reasons why school food greatly affects their health. National guidelines are in place this year to make sure school snacks are healthy.

Join us for FoodFri on Friday, September 19, 2014, at 1 p.m. EST. Click to learn more about our panelist, Prevent Obesity.

Childcare - The Low Hanging Fruit

Low hanging fruit.  Ripe.  Ready to be picked.  Easy to reach.  Social or political 'wins' most folks can get behind and that don't have many cons.

In today's economy, our lowest hanging fruit is childcare -- basic facilities (or homes) that offer children of low-to-moderate incomes a safe place to learn and socialize.

My 3.5 year-old godson (GS) is bright, inquisitive, and active.  As a middle class godparent, I want him to learn in a pretty building that keeps him engaged and pushes him to new heights.  In my neighborhood, that type of childcare costs $1200+ A MONTH.


That is a mortgage payment and far exceeds what his mom can afford. Though highly educated, my GS's mom has been in-between jobs for some time.  She has forged ahead, kept her LinkedIn account updated and secured several short-term jobs that have carried her from month-to-month.

My GS's mom applied for childcare assistance and even secured a temporary position that provided a childcare subsidy.  Neither of these opportunities panned out leaving my GS home with his mom.

Building Blocks for Early Learning: Pennsylvania Edition

Blocks are one of the first toys for most American children. As an early childhood teacher of over twenty five years, I can not count how many building blocks I have helped to stack, sort, count, name, knock over and pick up. They are a fundamental piece to the foundation for lifelong learning. Through block playing children learn how to play cooperatively; how to plan strategically; how to take responsibility; and how they can hurt if not used carefully.

Currently the United States, and my home state of Pennsylvania, is trying to assemble the necessary building blocks for a sustainable future for our youngest learners.

Today encouraged US Senators and US Representatives to play with the giant blocks at the Capital in hopes of strengthening the early learning foundation of all children. You can learn more about America's Strong Start here.

The Peer is the Political: Why The Cosmo Generation Needs To Lead

We’ve come a long way, ladies. Now it’s time to go farther, faster.

With’s recent announcement that it would increase its political coverage heading into election season and that it would launch #Cosmovotes, an initiative to get more young women to vote and endorse candidates who support women’s rights, we let out a resounding hell yeah. 

Not only do young women want to read about politics and vote for our future leaders, they want to be our future leaders. And why shouldn’t they be? 

Drawing the Line at Cupcake Cones

September is “back to school” month for most kids in the United States. My daughter is in her last year of preschool, but some of her buddies have moved on to kindergarten. As this momentous transition is just around the corner for her, I’ve been talking to friends and family about what to expect.

Last week, I visited a friend’s house for dinner. Her daughter – a typical five-year-old who knows all the words to all the songs from Frozen despite having never seen the movie – has just started kindergarten and is doing well. In fact, my friend's only concern is regarding the snacks provided at her daughter’s afterschool program. She explained, a little sheepishly, that the teachers give out lots and lots of treats to tide the children over until dinnertime. That didn’t sound like such a big deal. But then she described the treats: gummy worms on Monday; brownies on Tuesday; popsicles on Wednesday; cookies on Thursday; and the pièce de résistance on Friday - a cupcake cone. (You might ask what that is, as I did - so I've included a picture.)

Majority of Parents Support School Nutrition Standards and So Do I

As parents, my wife and I raise our kids to be concerned about their health—among a laundry list of other things. When they’re little, we focus on hand washing to ward off germs and prevent illnesses, teeth brushing and flossing for good oral health, activity to ensure energy balance and to keep our kids strong, and making sure they eat more than chicken nuggets at the dinner table. But especially as our kids get older, we have another concern to worry about: the food they have access to during the school day.

Four Good Reasons to Encourage Less Soda Consumption

BERKELEY, Calif. — This past weekend co-sponsored an educational panel on soda. Berkeley and San Francisco, California, each have ballot initiatives to tax soda as a way to curb consumption, and in San Francisco’s case, fund certain public programs.

Up to now, every single soda tax ballot initiative in the country has failed as the industry has pumped serious money to defeat such measures. And as healthy and aware as many citizens are here in Berkeley, the measure faces an uphill battle as the industry has dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat the measure, including blanket every single lamppost in downtown Berkeley with signs.

VoteRunLead Issues Challenge to Nation: Invite 50,000 Women to Run

I am excited to announce we launched VoteRunLead last week, the first online platform for women to learn to run and lead. We are challenging the nation to invite 50,000 women to run by election day on November 4th. If each of us invites three women to run we can exceed our goal. You'll be hearing more from me in the coming weeks and months. So excited to be part of this talented and vibrant community!


September 9, 2014

VoteRunLead issues challenge to nation to invite 50,000 women to run for political office by election day and half-a-million by 2016

Partnering with Target and Omidyar Network, VoteRunLead to build largest network of women leaders in history

On MomsRising Radio This Week:

On the radio show this week, first up we hear from the researcher whose data sparked a New York Times article with this title: "The Motherhood Penalty vs. the Fatherhood Bonus --- A Child Helps Your Career, if You’re a Man." 
Our next segment covers former Raven's player, Ray Rice, domestic violence, and masculinity with NFL veteran, media commentator, college football Hall of Famer, and all around super star, Don McPherson. 
Then the next interview covers the historic vote that recently happened on the Paycheck Fairness Act: Get the inside scoop on what happened and next steps! 
Last but far from least: U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, will join us to talk early learning, education, tips for parents, and… bus rides.

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