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Join us for a Healthy Ramadan Tweetchat! #GFFRamadan


Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, introspection, charity, and prayer for Muslims around the world. This year, Ramadan started on June 17th and will end on July 17th.

There are two ways for you to join us on reflecting on Ramadan's lessons for our family and community wellness.


Social Media

Join us, @MomsRising, Muslim Wellness Foundation (@MWFNational), Khadija Gurnah (@kgurnah), Yvonne Maffei (@myhalalkitchen), and Mubarakah Ibrahim (@fitmuslimah), this Wednesday, July 8th from 3pm - 4pm EST for a #GFFRamadan Twitter Town Hall as we discuss Healthy Food for Healthy Communities!

Our special guests include some AMAZING moms and champions for health, who are observing Ramadan. Be sure to tune in as they share their stories and expertise on healthy food, wellness, and healthy communities!

Click below to share on Twitter.

Tweet: Join #GFFRamadan on 7/8, 3-4pEST Topic: Healthy Families @MomsRising @kgurnah @myhalalkitchen @fitmuslimah #Ramadan


GOOOOOAL? Equal Pay!

Take Action!

A hat-trick!? In the World Cup!? In the first 16 minutes!? And then… a big win by the USA women’s team who made history by winning their third World Cup in front of a record-breaking audience of over 26 million people yesterday -- the largest TV audience for a soccer match EVER.


But it’s not all wow. Sad but true: The Men’s World Cup payout was 40 TIMES higher than the total payout for the Women’s World Cup this year ($576 million vs. $15 million).

*Unfair pay is no game! Sign on to our open letter to the FIFA Executive Committee and Congress to say: It’s time to level the paying field! Equal pay for equal work is a must!

Healthier Communities State by State!

There are a number of interesting state bills cropping up across the country that MomsRising members who care about creating healthier communities should take note of.

In New York, Assembly Bill 2320b is taking aim at sugar-sweetened beverages which will help consumers make healthier choices for families. The bill would require sugary beverages (like soda) sold in New York to feature a label informing consumers of the health risks associated with the beverages like obesity and diabetes. It will likely be taken up by the state senate next year.

Young People... Preparing to Vote or Not to Vote?

I am 18 years old -- an age where the world seems to have decided that I should no longer be coddled under the domain of childhood. I feel as if I'm suffering from 'growing pains' now more than ever; last year at this time I was worrying about finding a date for prom, and now all of a sudden I worry about rent, tuition and the lack of social justice in the world. Becoming an adult means that life is no longer simple. 18 means responsibility; 18 means the future is coming; 18 means I can vote. I am now entitled to aid my fellow citizens in choosing the leaders who will hopefully effect change in America, and further, the world.

Radio This Week: #BlackLivesMatter, #StandUpSpeakOut, #Cake!, #PaidFamilyLeave & #SickDays!

Radio!This show covers the horrible act of racist terrorism in Charleston, South Carolina and the Civil Rights Movement; tips for fighting racism; how to bake a great cake and build community at the same time; and victories with paid sick days, paid family leave, affordable healthcare coverage, and marriage equality.  

*Special guests include:

Connecticut can lead the nation.

The numbers are shocking.

Did you know the average 8-year old is drinking 64 ounces a week in sugary drinks that will—over the years—lead to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease?

We need to do everything we can to reduce the amount of soda kids drink.

Join us in calling on Governor Malloy to institute a sales tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in Connecticut!

By taxing sugary drinks, we’re promoting healthier choices as the better option. Sugar-sweetened beverages have been identified as the primary source of added sugars in Americans’ diets and researchers estimate that these drinks account for at least one-fifth of the weight gained by the U.S. population between 1977 and 2007.

Not only will decreasing the amount of soda people drink improve their health, it will help our state, too! Obesity-related medical expenses are costing Connecticut taxpayers and businesses $856 million per year.

Breastfeeding: Here, There, Everywhere

This past Sunday I joined other dozens of mothers for San Diego Day to Normalize Breastfeeding at Kellogg Park in beautiful La Jolla. 
Yes, it’s the day to “normalize” breastfeeding, not to “protect” breastfeeding. I used to believe that breastfeeding is something that needs to be protected, until a recent trip to Taiwan
I called the island home for 20 years, but I have not visited the “home” for a long time. I was surprised by what I saw during this trip. There were nursing rooms literally everywhere. From big cities to small towns, nursing rooms could be found in city halls, in shopping malls, in metro stations, in banks, in parks, and in restaurants, even in family restaurants.
I was surprised because this was not the Taiwan I remembered.

MomsRising Applauds Bree Newsome for Removing Confederate Flag at South Carolina Capitol Building

Over the weekend, an educator and activist named Bree Newsome scaled the 30ft flag pole at the South Carolina State Capitol Building and removed the confederate flag. fully supports Bree’s actions and is joining the growing chorus of organizations to call for all charges against Ms. Newsome to be dropped immediately.  Kristin Rowe-Finkberiner, executive director and CEO of issued the following statement in solidarity with Bree Newsome:

“Over the weekend, Bree Newsome took bold action to expedite the process of removing the Confederate flag from public spaces across the South.  On behalf of our more than one million members, MomsRising joins with other organizations across the country to call on South Carolina to drop all charges against Bree Newsome and take immediate action remove the Confederate flags from all public places.


"The Confederate flag has long been a symbol of racism - and barbaric policies of segregation and Jim Crow laws - that continue to undermine people of color in the United States.


Report Back: MomsRising Members Meet With Senator Heller's Staff

We had a GREAT meeting with MomsRising members and U.S. Senator Dean Heller​'s staff in Nevada to discuss working family tax issues, including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC)! Our members shared with Senator Heller's staff why these tax breaks help families make ends meet, including to help cover costs for a family's small business, for after school activities, and for due bills that they otherwise wouldn't be able to cover.
The staff we met with was incredibly generous with their time and after we were done discussing the EITC/CTC, they wanted to know what other issues MomsRising is working on. We had a great conversation about paid sick days, child care/early learning, healthcare, and immigration. They were very interested in our work and what matters to Nevada moms. Thank you to every member who came, who had our backs online by signing petitions, and to the Senator's helpful staff!

Looking for a Healthy 4th of July Recipe? Join #FoodFri!


Happy 4th of July! This week we are celebrating with a healthy #FoodFri holiday recipe.

Join @MomsRising and @MamasConPoder as we share sabroso/tasty recipes on July 3, 2015 at 1pm, EST! It's the perfect time to share your favorite recipes and find a few new ones as well.  Don't let the warm weather keep you away from the kitchen (or the grill!). Stop by at 1pm, Eastern, to get some new healthy ideas, and share your own.

Prepare your tastebuds, and invite a friend or two by clicking below... we're going to have a tantalizing #FoodFri!

Tweet: I'm joining @MomsRising's healthy #FoodFri Recipe tweetchat to find (and share!) #recipes! Click for info: #4thofJuly

To get you started, Catarina Rivera, a Good Food Force Blogger, prepared affordable and healthy Salmon and Black Bean Cakes.


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