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Five Things You Should Know for Open Enrollment

It’s a lovely time of year!

I’m seeing leaves of all different colors, pumpkins (and spice!) everywhere, boots & sweaters galore, and…. the health insurance marketplace is open!

There are a few changes around open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act this year. So take a moment to review these changes so you can share accurate information with your friends and/or use while you are shopping for health coverage too!

Five Things You Should Know for Open Enrollment

  1. Dates! The timeline is different this year - sign up for a plan between November 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016. You must be enrolled by December 15 for your insurance to begin January 1, 2016.
  2. Help is available for those who qualify. Eighty-six percent of health law enrollees received a subsidy to help make buying health insurance more affordable. This online calculator will help you determine whether you qualify for assistance and for how much.
  3. Shop. Even if you already have a Marketplace plan. Returning consumers can save money by shopping for a new plan on the Marketplace. Plans can change from year to year so the plan that worked for you last year may not be the best deal this year. You should also update changes in your income and household information for tax purposes.
  4. Consider the Silver Plan. Research has shown that millions of people may be missing out on subsidies that could lower their deductibles, copayments and maximum out-of-pocket spending limits. Individuals with incomes between $11,770 to $29,425 per year (or a family of four with income between $24,250 to $60,625 per year) are eligible for cost-sharing reductions that are only available to people who buy a Silver Plan.
  5. Assistance is available. Explore your options on, but if you have questions, get help over the phone at 1-800-318-2596 or sit down face to face. You can find in-person assistance in your community at


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