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MOMS TO SENATE: Don’t be a day late and a dollar short!

Tell your U.S. Senator that TODAY is the day to end wage discrimination!  Calls to the Senate are coming in from across the country urging a YES vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act; but time is short because they’re scheduled to vote at 2:15pm EST today.

All Hands on Deck! Your Senator needs to hear from you TODAY, before the vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act. *Can you take 2 minutes to call? It's easy. Just dial 1-888-678-9475 and say: “I'm calling to urge my Senator to vote YES for the Paycheck Fairness Act."

         *Can you take 2 minutes to call your U.S. Senator now and urge a YES on the Paycheck Fairness Act?   

It’s easy.  Just dial 1-888-678-9475, and say: “I’m from ______ state, and I’m calling to urge my Senator to vote YES for the Paycheck Fairness Act.”   

We know that when legislators hear from members of their district, it makes a difference. The Paycheck Fairness Act is very close to passing, so calls from MomsRising members can make a big difference by letting Senators know that people across the nation are paying attention to the way they vote on this bill!

Why’s this legislation needed now?  The Paycheck Fairness Act is needed now more than ever–especially as families increasingly rely on the wages of women and mothers to stay afloat.  Yet in 2012, women — and moms in particular — are still paid less than men are paid for doing the same job. The U.S. Census found that women who worked full-time, year-round, on average still made 23 cents less for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. [1] And, the wage gap for women of color was even more staggering than for women overall: When Black and Hispanic women work full-time, year-round, they only make 62 and 53 cents, respectively, for every dollar their white, non-Hispanic male counterparts earn. [2]

Moms experience some of the most extreme wage hits.  For example, a recent study found that with identical resumes and job experiences, mothers were offered $11,000 lower starting salaries than non-mothers (fathers, on the other hand, were offered $6,000 more in starting salaries than non-fathers). [3]  Another study found that women without children make 90 cents to a man’s dollar, mothers make 73 cents to a man’s dollar, and single moms make only about 60 cents to a man’s dollar. [4]

Equal pay for equal work is critical to ensuring our families’ economic security.

         *Don’t forget to take a few minutes to call your U.S. Senators today! 1-888-679-9475 Just say: “I’m from ______ state, and I’m calling to urge my Senator to vote YES for the Paycheck Fairness Act.”   

Together we’re a powerful force for women and families.

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[3] Cornell University Chronicle Online, “Motherhood and the math factor: Sociologist Shelley Correll exposes biases that affect women in business and academia,” 2007

[4] Jane Waldfogel, “Understanding the Family Gap in Pay for Women with Children”, 1998

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