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The Custom-Fit Workplace
Check out this practical, inspirational guide for making the workplace more nimble, trust-based, and profitable. Packed with vivid stories of real people, The Custom-Fit Workplace is an indispensible handbook for managers, workers, and executives who want to break free of outdated, one-size-fits-all ways of working. Thoroughly grounded in research and cutting-edge designs, The Custom-Fit Workplace makes the case for today's workplace to buy-in - or risk falling behind.


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CustomFit Workplace blog

The CustomFit Workplace blog is part of the Open, Flexible Work blog. It is a place where workers, managers, educators and Human Resources professionals can share their insights and questions. The views expressed in this blogs aren't necessarily representative of the initiative or of policy positions. Interested in blogging? drop us a line

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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Healthy Workplaces + Meetings = Healthy YOU


Many of us spend the majority of our day at work and much of that time is spent in meetings. If workplaces and meetings don't provide supportive environments, with healthy food and opportunities for physical activity, it can be hard to be healthy during the workday. This #FoodFri, @MomsRising will be joined by @American_Heart, and @CSPI on Friday, April 25, 2014, at 1pm, EST to discuss ways to improve workplaces and meetings.

Join us!

This tweetchat will be an opportunity to share resources, generate discussion, and think about how we can improve our own workplaces and meetings. We want to hear from you! No one else knows your workplace like you. So, make sure to join us and bring any relevant resources you'd like to share during the chat.

To join and follow the conversation on Twitter use the #FoodFri Hashtag in each tweet.

First Ever NYC High Road Restaurant Week!

Like many people, I enjoy eating out. It not only gives me a break from cooking, it allows me to savor dishes I would never know how to create on my own. In my eyes, that was a win-win, until I discovered the dismal conditions restaurant workers endure.

Reality: Restaurant workers face 3x the poverty rate of the rest of the US workforce. They also experience discrimination, sexual harassment, occupational segregation, and lack of paid sick days and career mobility. However, some restaurants in New York City are trying to change this. They are called the “High Road Restaurants”.

High Road Restaurants take the high road to profitability by supporting ethical labor practices, including sustainable wages, health care options, healthy and safe working conditions, and advancement opportunities for their workers. They understand that a happy worker translates into a happy experience for you and me, the consumers. And, that is a real win-win for all involved.

Once You Work from Home, There's No Going Back

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Yesterday was one of those moments, in which I felt my life come full circle. Almost 11 years ago, I left a reporting job in San Francisco to be home with my newborn son…and to be on the lookout for a job that I could do from home.

I freelanced for a while, then started a blog, and did contract work for non-profit organizations. It all led to my current full-time position at MomsRising — which I do from home. Every day, I log in at about 7:30 a.m., drop off the kids at school at 8 a.m., put in about six hours of work, including meetings over the phone and ginormous piles of e-mail, pick up the kids at 3 p.m., give them a snack, make dinner, and put in the last two hours in the evening.

I have my routine down pat, and it’s something that I shared with a packed room at theOffice Optional Conference in San Francisco. While I was there to sing the praises of working from home, I also offered these lessons learned:

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